My name is Elisabeth and this is my blog.

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Though I have wanted to share this passion of mine my whole life, self-doubt and anxiety made me quit.

2020 happened.

The world was changing rapidly around me. I realized that I wanted to share something that I was truly passionate about.

 I started researching blogs. I was entering a part of the internet I had never learned about.

I tried to learn everything I could. I spent hours on branding, logo creation, and creating social media platforms. I received help from many people to make my website.

I started to doubt myself.

I was so worried that my blog was going to fail. I wanted to succeed in something I was passionate about. I worried I wouldn’t see results.

This process taught me many things.

  1. Never let someone’ s opinion ruin your happiness
  2. Good things take time and hard work
  3. Never be afraid to ask for help
  4. There is so much in the world to learn

I want to help share my story of finding a passion.

My Story:

4th Grade: The Year I loved books.

About Me Page

In elementary school, I was never a big reader. I read for school, but never took the time to find books.

I then came across the Percy Jackson Series. I was immediately transfixed by the characters. I soon became obsessed with these books, and spent hours researching about Greek Mythology.

I looked for bigger books. I soon became bored with my level of books. I searched for books with adventures and action.

It became a hobby of mine. My parents gave me books for my birthday, and I spent many hours at my public library.

Middle School: Years of self-doubt

About Me page

 Middle School was very hard for me. I often was bullied for reading books and was given many names. 

I tried to ignore my peers but I wanted acceptance. I rarely had friends and valued the opinion of my classmates.

 I stopped reading.

I thought that people would accept me if I tried to act like them. Everything I did was to make people like me. I stressed over my actions and doubted every choice I made. It soon became a spiral of stress and anxiety.

It was a long process, but I learned to stop caring. I was so focused on pleasing other people, that I never chased my passions. I let people’s opinions get in the way of my happiness.

I let myself enjoy reading. I realized that my classmates were only a small part of my world.

2020- Accepting Myself.

About Me Page

At the beginning of 2020, I told myself I wanted to make myself a better person. I wanted to share my passion.

I changed my mentality. I chased my passions regardless of people’s opinions. I soon became a happier version of myself.

I still have so much to learn, but I am grateful for this opportunity.

Never let people get in the way of your happiness!

Thank you for reading my story.

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