Even though I would love to review every book I receive, I will only review YA books. I want to review a genre that I am comfortable with and create the best review possible.

I enjoy making single title reviews and book lists. These themed lists are often updated and do better.

With this, upon receiving and reading a title, if a book is in bad taste, does not catch my interest, or poorly edited, I reserve the right to decline a review. I may or may not inform you why I declined a review.

I want to honestly review every book I receive, so I will give a constructive review and express if I liked it or not. I will also be posting the review on my Goodreads account.

I love to share titles on my social media platforms! Here are some of the platforms where I share my reviews.


Please feel free to email me with any requests.

Please contact me at throneofbooksandme@gmail.com